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#1  Story Outline Your Novel's Framework All writers have strengths and talents, and all writers have areas they find more difficult or defying of their time constraints. Where one handles dialogue like a pro, another might ace immersive description. Where action seems to plod for one writer, it flows with all the excitement and drama needed when crafted by another. Axiel understands how these areas of difference are what makes writers diverse, and it's not be feared, but to be utilized . So, if you want another expert on your team to help you out, Axiel is proud to provide them.

When it comes to Story Outlines, not everyone enjoys writing on a bigger-picture level. Yet, having a structure and solid foundation for your story is incredibly important. So, let Axiel take the pressure off your hands! We'll build a viable outline that you can use to shape your narrative. Be it a basic story concept or a full chapter-by-chapter breakdown, Axiel can set you on the right path to growing your story.

From the moment you submit using the button below, your story outline will be with you within 4-8 days!

Basic Story Concept: $100 Basic Chapter Breakdown: $10 per Page Advanced Chapter Breakdown: $20 per Page Executive Story Development: $400 per Week Sign Up!

#2  Raw Manuscript Ready for Your Edits Perhaps you have a story idea, a template, or concept, but no words to go with it. Our network of fiction writers are here to help! We're experienced in molding descriptive flesh to narrative bones.

Be it a novella, short story, or an adventure of monstrous proportions, Axiel will tackle your project with professionalism, speed, and skill. With so many talented hands at our disposal, we can pair you with the perfect ghostwriter most suited to your preferred genre and time scale. Just use the button below to start your ghostwriting journey!

All of our ghostwriting projects are delivered in a timescale of four to twelve weeks, depending on length of project. Upon submitting a purchase order, you'll be sent an email from our sale team confirming our current timescales. You will not be charged until you have confirmed this as acceptable.

Manuscript w/ Editor Acknowledgement (Must Provide Outline) : $0.03 per word Manuscript w/o Editor Acknowledgement (Must Provide Outline) : $0.04 per word Add Axiel Outline : +$500 Sign Up!

#3  The Axiel Package A Complete Fiction Text; Under Your Penname Looking for a fuller service? We offer the complete package: a finished and polished fiction text ready for your byline. Written, edited, beta-tested, and polished, this service will give you the finalized product in its entirety. We are happy to provide professional ghostwriters who are ready to develop your story from start to finish.

Use the button below to go to our submit form, where you'll be given every opportunity to make your needs known. We'll then match you to the best possible ghostwriter based on your timescale, requirements, and budget.

This ghostwriting package is delivered on a timescale of twelve to twenty-four weeks, depending on length of project. Upon submitting a purchase order, you'll be sent an email from our sale team confirming our current timescales, so that you know when you can mark that delivery date in your calendar. You will not be charged until you have confirmed this as acceptable.

Complete Text w/ Editor Acknowledgement (must provide outline) : $0.05 per word Complete Text w/o Editor Acknowledgement (must provide outline) : $0.07 per word Add Axiel Outline: $500 Sign Up!

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#1  Non-Fiction Information Texts, How-To Guides Looking for something a little more informative? Non-fiction texts or how-to guides can be incredibly important for businesses. Not only do they tell your audience how to utilize your product, but they also put a fluid and professional sheen over your brand. Instructional text, when written well, tell readers that this individual or company knows exactly what they're talking about.

At Axiel, we have experienced writers able to construct these professional texts. Developing a non-fiction text while retaining simplicity and readability are harder skills to master than one might expect, so let Axiel take the task off your hands! Click the button below and tell us about your non-fiction project. We'll be more than happy to reformat your words into a viable, informative product.

Completion times vary based on length of project. After completing the form below, you'll be sent an email giving confirmed timeframes based on current workload and your project's word count. You will not be charged until you've confirmed that this timeframe suits your schedule.

Cost: $0.06 per word Sign Up!

#2  Copy Writing Marketing Text for Your Website When selling a product or service online, you have one chance to catch the attention of your target demographic. You have no visage, no tone, and no expression to accompany your content. So, how do you capture an audience? Through careful word choice and the use of simple psychology, 'copy' is a marketable and encouraging type of language used to show your product in the best possible light — and in the fewest, most punchy, words possible. With talented writers able to produce this careful balance between promotion and interaction, Axiel can provide you with the web content needed to grip your audience and make your sales soar!

Click the button below to go to our submittance form, where you can tell us all about your company and content. Depending on the word count, that copy will be in your inbox within 14 days!

Cost: $0.08 per word Sign Up!

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