"I love to pull the raw emotion out of writers so that their stories can breathe."
- Arra Boles, Founder of Axiel Editorial
The In-House Experts Meet The Team Axiel would be nothing without the dedicated team that pulls together to make things happen. Through the mentorship of our in-house team, we have become a hub of creation that supports our writers and clients.
Kahlani Copyeditor and Ghostwriter Reading and writing has always been a passion and interest of mine, but it wasn’t until I was in high school that I realized just how much I enjoyed it. I first began to read for fun in primary school, after being introduced to the Harry Potter series. From there, I moved onto the Deltora Quests and then several teen thriller novels just to change it up. With reading came an enthusiasm to write and tell my own stories. Since I was fourteen, I have been writing every day for nothing more than fun and a way to relax. As for reading, I am most drawn to fantasy, adventure, and dystopian fiction. Additionally, I am a secondary school English teacher and newly appointed head of my school’s English department. I take pride and pleasure in supporting others to develop their writing skills, which lead me to my chosen career. Now, I do the same at Axiel!
My Favourite Reads: Generals Die in Bed — Charles Yale Harrison
The Harry Potter Series — J.K. Rowling
A Song of Ice and Fire Series — George R.R. Martin
The Hunger Games Series — Suzanne Collins
Wuthering Heights — Emily Bronte
Daniel Proofreader and Ghostwriter Growing up, writing and reading were not something people ‘did’ or ‘did not’ do; they were simply a part of life. From my parents reading to me as early as I can remember to my Dad writing his own short stories for my brother and I, books were never far from arm's reach. Using my Dad’s old typewriter, I spent many evenings of my childhood writing my own short stories. This passion grew and grew until it blossomed into the fruit of where I am today. There have been many books that have taken my fancy throughout the years, but a few special ones really captured me and have stuck with me ever since. I currently work as an Inclusion Support Officer to assist students with special needs with their academic studies, and as the son of an author as well as having tertiary writing training, I take the utmost care in my dedication to making others’ writing the best it can be. My reading interests span across all genres but, in particular, classic novels, science fiction, historical, and fantasy epics are my favorites.
My Favourite Reads: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea — Jules Verne
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep — Philip K. Dick
The Redemption of Althalus — David and Leigh Eddings
Going Postal — Terry Pratchett
The Icewind Dale Trilogy — R. A. Salvatore
Roadside Picnic — Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
Asa Ghostwriter I was raised in a rural Texas cattle town, and while I was working the land with my hands, my mind would always be in the clouds. I fell in love with writing when I was young. I loved the idea of stepping into these fantastic, impossible worlds, where the only limit was my imagination. Every night, my mother would read aloud to my sister and I, and I’d just close my eyes and listen, imagine, dream. I began to try to recreate these wonderful worlds in my mind’s eye, never realizing that what I was doing was writing. In my head. It was all just for fun back then.

I started ghostwriting professionally five years ago and haven’t stopped writing since. This time it's tangible and on paper but it's no less fun! In the past five years, I’ve written dozens of novels for a variety of clients and dabbled in every genre there is, but my personal favorites are dystopian, paranormal romance, steampunk, and fantasy.
My Favourite Reads: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy — Douglas Adams
Heart-Shaped Box — Joe Hill
Good Omens - Terry Prachett and Neil Gaimon
Arra Book Coach and
Developmental Editor
My mom used to read Harry Potter at bedtime when I was little. We would snuggle up together and she would pull me into a world that I could only enter in my wildest dreams. I was mesmerized. At seven, I read my first 'grown-up' book: The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and then I was hooked on the craft of story. I wrote, read, wrote, and read some more — but it was all for fun. I didn't even realize that I was a writer until I was twenty! I wrote every day and won a few contests, but I thought that writing was just something that I 'did,’ like breathing.

Now, I do what I love professionally. I can be found bouncing from my hometown in New Orleans to Knoxville, editing and reading everywhere I go. I love dark fiction, fantasy, horror, and adventure. Anything that has to do with lunacy and the underbelly of the human condition is sure to capture me. I've been a ghostwriter, editor, and book coach on multiple projects, but my proudest professional achievement is the first time that my writer grew into the writer that he was always meant to be. It’s difficult to articulate the sensation of watching someone realize that they’ve done something amazing, but it’s a beautiful thing, and it touches you on a soul-deep level. It is my personal goal to watch every single one of my writers have this moment, and to be right there with them when it happens.

I specialize in pulling raw emotion and talent from the mind to the page, helping writers get down exactly what they meant to say, and making those stories breathe. Story structure and development are my domains, and I rule them with both compassion and focus. You won’t find an editor or a coach who is just as dedicated to your story as you are.
My Favourite Reads: Bounds of Redemption Series — M. D. Ireman
Stormlight Archive Series — Brandon Sanderson
Living Dead Girl — Elizabeth Scott
A Song of Ice and Fire Series — George R.R. Martin
The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings — J.R.R. Tolkien
Interview With a Vampire — Anne Rice
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark — Alvin Schwartz
Brave New World — Aldous Huxley
Abarat — Clive Barker
Lamb — Christopher Moore
American Psycho — Bret Easton Ellis
JD Prose Coach, Ghostwriter
and UK Copyeditor
Some human 'beans' cower before writing and reading, as some 'frightsome' beast, and others luxuriate in its 'splendiferous' light. For me, it has always been the latter. Roald Dahl was my introduction to the manner in which language and literature could be molded and shaped into something that set eyes widening and spirits a-flight with ingenius imaginings. With all my heart, I wanted to be Matilda; absorbing books and cleverness with all that she had, until magic and mayhem could be released from her fingertips.

Nowadays, even as maturity sets in, my dreams are no less ambitious! Only, I now understand the means of magic that Dahl found: writing. Where I cannot bend reality to my will, I can always capture dreams, reinvent experiences and immerse myself in the worlds created by others. I read with a voracious appetite that leaves no bookstore unmolested and have been a collaborative writer and student of literature for over fifteen years. In that time, I have developed a firm belief in the following theorem: Story-telling is a passion. Writing is a discipline. Everyone holds the first and the second can be taught. If wished for, anyone can write a story. Sometimes, you just need a little help from an oompa loompa or two...
My Favourite Reads: Pale Fire — Vladimir Nabokov
To Kill a Mockingbird — Harper Lee
Sabriel — Garth Nix
Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori — Shinohara Chie
The Black Magician Trilogy — Trudi Canavan
Wuthering Heights — Emily Bronte
American Psycho — Bret Easton Ellis
Twelfth Night — William Shakespeare
Tarzan of the Apes — Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Wheel of Time Series — Robert Jordan
The Black Dagger Brotherhood — J.R. Ward
Ai no Kusabi — Yoshihara Rieko
North and South — Elizabeth Gaskell
A Handmaid's Tale — Margaret Atwood
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"...nothing but AMAZING. Not only did Axiel help me to write my story but even provided creative input on how to progress the plot. YOU ROCK!"
- Aalaa Shamseddine, Author of The Giant of Rainey Grove
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