"If you want to bring your writing work to the next level, this is the team you want!"
- Jenn Majus, Author of The Landry Chronicles: Exordium.

Writer or Client ? How Axiel Can Help You Axiel offers a range of services dependent on your writing needs. Creators and writers looking to improve their skill will benefit from our Writer Services! If you have found your way here for business or are the owner of a book idea you would like to see transformed into a working manuscript, then it's our Ghostwriting service for you! Either way, we welcome you to Axiel and look forward to speaking with you soon!

- The Axiel In-House Team

Writers Everyone Can Write A Book Axiel's ethos is that everyone who wants to write - be it a novel, article or non-fiction text - can write. They just might need the support of a team. Axiel Editorial offers personalized editing and coaching services that can take your writing to the next level. Whether you are in the final polishing stage or just getting started, we have what you need to finally finish that book. If you’re querying to agents and publishing houses but can’t seem to figure out why you aren’t getting returns, we can help you there as well! You have a story in you, and you can write a book - let us help make that promise a reality.

Clients Talented Writers For Professional Needs Through coaching and teaching, Axiel Editorial has a network of creative writers eager and able to write tailored content for the publishing industry. We use our diverse variety of talent to provide first class fiction ghostwriters for our clients' requirements. Whether you are looking to create a simple romance series or next year’s sci-fi extravaganza, we have a writer who will fit the bill. Just get in touch with the team and we'll personally match-make you with a creator who fits your needs, deadline, and budget.

"The entire structure of my novel changed for the better from working with Axiel."
- Michael Kubica, Author of The Body That Was Frederick J. Seacum.
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